Mountain Climbers

Torch Club Mountain Climbers is a small group of Club members, ages 11 to 13, who engage in programs and activities agreed upon, developed and implemented by the members themselves. The first Torch Clubs were chartered in 1970 to address the developmental needs of young people. Groups typically involve between six and 15 young people, and have as a primary focus the development of character and leadership skills of group members.
 Torch Club Member Character Pledge
I will lead by example and be a positive role model for others.
I will be responsible for what I say and do to others.

I will display good sportsmanship and play by the rules.
I will respect the Club, staff and fellow members.
I will strive to do my very best at all times

Adrianna Quintana
Vice President
Joanna Sanchez
Andres Tiede
Sergeant of Arms
Noah De La Cruz
Danielle Jimenez
Ashlynn Martinez

Bianca Cole
Nazarae Sullivan
Aaliyah Sandoval
Jacen Lujan
Savanah DeAguero
 Nathan Valdez
 Sean Aragon
Jazlyn Sanchez
Alexis Romero
Mikayla Padilla
Ryan Gutierrez

Andrea Griego
Clara Ward


Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the month at Gold Dust Restaurant
and the 3rd Thursday of the month at The Club
Both meetings are from 3:30-4:30pm
You can join Torch Club at the beginning of each school year



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Fall 2013!
We combined photos from service projects we did this Fall, Check them out
in the slideshow below!
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