College Tour 2011!

This 2011 spring break, our club decided to take the teens on a College Tour Trip. A handful of teens that show leadership throughout our club were selected to go on this trip.

Our Keystone Kachina Club sold carne seca and raised thousands of dollars for their hotel, food and gas costs. They worked hard going to many different places to sell carne seca. They did not just sell during club hours, but also on nights and weekends.

Our first main destination was to Wisconsin. Along the way we stopped in Grooms, Texas and viewed one of the largest crosses in the United States, which was surrounded by beautiful stations of the cross statues. We also stopped in St. Louis and got to ride in the famous Gateway Arch and see the view of St. Louis from the top.

We arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and got to see our very own Tamara Johnson. She gave us a tour of Marquette University along with stories of her college experience.With Tamara we traveled to Chicago, Illinois and saw downtown Chicago. We spent time walking around downtown and viewed many extraordinary things. We were amazed at the famous United Center, Soldier Field, Sears Tower and many other famous buildings.

After our wonderful journey with Tamara, we left to Omaha Nebraska. Don’s son Sal Christy gave us a tour of his former school University of Nebraska at Omaha. We toured the school and fell in love with their huge workout facility.
From there, we traveled to Denver, Colorado where a former staff memberby the name of Teresa Alvaradoattends the University of Denver. Due to her work schedule she was unable to give us a tour, so we went on a self guided tour, where we would read fun interesting facts about each building. Next stop was Colorado College where a former staff member, Alegra Roybal, attends. Due to Easter weekend she had family plans, so we went on a self guided tour there as well.
From there, we went to tour The United States Air Force Academy which was led by Sean Christy who is a senior at USAFA.

Although this was a college tour road trip, we decided to stop at Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the trip. It was nice to see the way different Boys & Girls Clubs operate. The kids were so friendly and welcoming towards us, it made us feel at home. At the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club, we happened to show up during their annual Easter Hat Contest. The hats had to be made up of everything homemade, they couldn’t buy any of the supplies. It was amazing! They had a runway that the kids would walk down, and be judged. They had 2 bike prizes for each age group. It was really neat and creative to see. One thing they were amazed at was the fact that we sold carne seca to pay for the trip. People in other states had never heard of carne seca and loved our thank you gift bags. The teens were fascinated by all the wonderful colleges we viewed, the different Boys & Girls Clubs and the wonderful sites we got to view throughout our trip.

When we got back home, we visited the University of New Mexico where our very own Veronica Quintana, our club's 2009 Youth of the Year Winner gave us a tour of the campus and facilities.
Our Club also entered a contest through Google and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The guidelines were to showcase the BGCA, Google, and Pojoaque B&GC logos in front of the colleges we visited.

The grand prize will be $7,000.00 worth of technology for our technology room. We will send it out May 31, so wish us luck!