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Enrollment has closed with 46 members for our second year!

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NM State Qualifying Tournament for FLL
Saturday, Nov 7th  8-4:30
at Tony Hillerman Middle School in Albuquerque
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We have 46 members enrolled and 4 FLL Teams

practices Wed 5:30-7pm

practices Thurs 5:30-7pm

practices Fri 4-6pm

practices Fri 4-6pm

Monica Cordova
Miranda Grasmick
Kimberly Lopez
Jenica Lugo
Megan Martinez
Karlie Navarrete
LeeAnn Quintana
Arianna Rodriguez
Victoria Salazar
Alexis Trujillo
Kalei Windham
Jacob Aragon
Nickolas Ebelacker
Isabella Gomez
Brittney Gutierrez
Tamara Lopez
Antonio (TJ) Martinez
Jude Martinez
Miquella Naranjo
Damion Neuman-Roper
Jose Oyenque
T'Kyea Romero
Olivia Arellano
Brandon Darras-Viarrial
Julianne Herrera
Catherine Jiron
Miguel Lujan
Tiffany Maestas
Kenny Navarrete
Orion (Kiki) Ortiz-Barrone
Tobias Padilla
Kyle Romero
Donovan Vigil
Tia Roybal

Lauren Armenta
Carlos Castellano
Marcos Castellano
Desiree Garcia
Wyatt Hood
Angelo Martinez
Daniella Martinez
Brian Navarrete
David Neuman-Roper
Renee Payne

only 10 people/team will be able to compete...so make sure you're contributing!