Look for sign-up info for next year's Academy coming at the end of summer!
We will be able to accept 20 new students.
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Graduation ceremonies were held on Thursday May 21st at 4pm.
25 members successfully completed the first year of the Academy!
We certainly had a busy year with over 18 different focus areas and activities throughout the year. 
This was an oustanding accomplishment by all participants!
The top six acheivers for the year received their choice of an Asus netbook, a 16GB iPod touch, a PSP bundle, a 10MP digital camera bundle, or one of 2 refurbished IBM desktop computers.  That's some list of prizes!  Ranking of the partcipipants was determined based on their participation and attendance as well as successful completion of their projects.
1st Place
David Neuman-Roper
16GB iPod touch
Final Score = 91.4755%
2nd Place
Lauren Armenta
Asus Netbook
Final Score = 88.1586%
3rd Place
Carlos Castellano
PSP Bundle
Final Score = 84.0011%
4th Place
Catherine Jiron
10MP Digital Camera
Final Score = 83.1080%
5th Place
Marcos Castellano
Refurbished IBM Desktop Computer
Final Score = 81.6183%
6th Place
Miquella Naranjo
Refurbished IBM Desktop Computer
Final Score = 80.7758%
We also recognized two members who participated in all 5 of the digital arts festivals.
Desiree Garcia & Miquella Naranjo
2GB Flash Drive
Each graduating member received an individualized plaque that showed all the different areas they participated in and completed during the course of the year as well as a jacket.