Major League Baseball® and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) are proud to present the Major League Baseball S.T.A.R. Award program for Boys & Girls Clubs to use in recognizing Club members for their participation and achievement in sports, fitness and social recreation programming.

Through this award, Club members will be recognized for their ability to demonstrate the positive behaviors of Sportsmanship, Team spirit, Achievement and Responsibility. Whether on the baseball field, at the swimming pool, in the games room or in the dance studio, it is these attributes that help Club members Succeed The MLB Way™!
Congratulations to our two Club Members who were nominated for this award by the Club!

Desiree Garcia
(Junior Staff)

Alix Rutledge


Desiree Garcia was selected as the State of New Mexico MLB S.T. A. R. Award winner. She also competed in  the Southwest Regional Competition.