What is Power Hour?

A comprehensive homework help and tutoring program for all members aged 6 to 18 years. Power Hour provides members with the support, resources and guidance necessary to complete their homework – and start the school day with a sense of confidence and ability. As members complete homework assignments, they accumulate Power Points, which may be used to obtain Power Rewards – prizes, incentives. Power Hour is carefully structured to give Clubs several options for helping members achieve maximum success.


During Power Hour we have added a program called Project Learn. Through that we have created a game called Space Odyssey. There is a game board posted on the wall with a space them and the members’ game pieces as rockets. Each week they have to complete two activities given by the education director to be able to advance to the next space. They are given two lives and if the activities are not completed they lose a life. Points are earned toward them also for attending Power Hour to do their homework. Each week they receive tickets upon completion of the activities to be able to purchase something at the prize store or a treat from the concession stand. This is designed to get them to do educational activities, have fun doing it and be rewarded.


Andrea Griego
Education Director

Power Point Standings

earnPowerPOINTSto getPowerrewards!

Last Thursday on March 3, 2011, the prize store was set up in the Education room for those Space Odyssey players that earned tickets. There was also 15 top Power Hour Players chosen for those members who only participate in power hour that also earned a ticket to redeem a prize. Top Power Hour Players will be chosen each month. Those members for January and February 2011 were:

Teen Power Hour

Catherine Jiron
Eddie Williams
Jacob Aragon
Olivia Arellano
Tiffany Maestas
Power Hour

Alyssa Esparza
Adrianna Quintana
Anastacia Sisneros
Hannah Martinez
Jacen Lujan
Karlie Navarette
Leah Montoya
Matthew Martinez
Mario Martinez
Savannah DeAguero