This year's top PowerHour participant...
David Neuman-Roper
with 90 days attendance wins a bicycle!
Our Top 3 Performers
2008-09 2nd Semester
Jacen Lujan
iPod Shuffle

Ryan Trujillo
iHome Docking Station
Tia Roybal
iPod Shuffle

Our Top 3 Performers
2008-09 1st Semester

Toby Padilla(3rd),Catherine Jiron(1st),
and David Neuman-Roper(2nd)
What is Power Hour?

A comprehensive homework help and tutoring program for all members aged 6 to 18 years. Power Hour provides members with the support, resources and guidance necessary to complete their homework – and start the school day with a sense of confidence and ability. As members complete homework assignments, they accumulate Power Points, which may be used to obtain Power Rewards – prizes, incentives. Power Hour is carefully structured to give Clubs several options for helping members achieve maximum success.

David Avila-Silver
Education Director