CASH Prizes and Medals!

First Place   $25
Second Place   $15
Third Place   $10

Ages 6-9
1st:  Andres T.
2nd:  Isaiah M.
3rd:  Kristiana M.
Ages 6-9
1st:  Kristiana M.
2nd:  Bernice T.
3rd:  Isaiah M.
Ages 8-9
1st: Elena G.
2nd:  Kayla D.
3rd:  Victoria S.
Ages 8-9
1st: Antonio G.
2nd:  Adrianna Q.
3rd:  Alexis T.

Ages 10-11
1st:  Toby P.
2nd:  Sage C.
3rd:  Jenica L.
Ages 10-11
1st:  Chris F.
2nd:  Karlie N.
3rd:  Isabella G.
Ages 12 and older
1st:  Nathan C.
2nd:  Angelo M.
3rd:  Makaila F.
Ages 12 and older
1st:  Angelo M.
2nd:  Jayms N.
3rd:  Gary J.