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Best of Show L.A.F.D
1st S.F. County DWI Program
2nd S.F.P.D.
3rd U.S. Army
4th Rio Arriba County DWI Program
5th N.M.S.P.
Participant Plaques
Thanks to all the Police departments that donated their time for this special event.
Once again the Boys & Girls Club hosted our 8th Annual Independence Day Fireworks Show. Listed below are the winners of our games on that evening. Each winner received a gift certificate for a fireworks package ( value $50.00) from Factory Fireworks. Thanks to our local buisness owner, Tommy Martinez of Factory
Fireworks for their donation of the spectacular show. The entire show was donated free of charge to the Pojoaque Valley by this generous business.
4th of July Game Winners:
Watermelon Eating Contest
Ages 6-9
1st Jacob Leyba
1st Monique Vigil
13- Older
1st Nathan Vigil
Balloon Toss Winners
Ages 6-9
1st Rufugio Viarrial
& Christian Hill
1st Sofia Lucero
& Desiree Garcia
13- older
1st Michelle & Steve Koller
Jello Contest:
Ages 6-9
1st Karlie Navarette
10 - 12
1st Marcus Roybal
13- older
1st Claudine Navarette
Alegra Roybal was awarded a $2,000 College Scholarship from BGCA & the Charles Schwab Foundation. Congratulations Alegra!!
Desiree Garcia was selected as the State of New Mexico MLB S.T. A. R. Award winner. She also competed in the Southwest Regional Competition.
The Pueblo of Pojoaque Boys & Girls Club was selected for a Miracles Program Grant recipient.
The Computer Technology & and Education Program is geared towards 10 - 12 year olds, over a 2 year period. The grant covers the cost of (20) new computers, printers, music software, video & digital cameras and other equipment for the lab. Total award is approximately $90,000 for our Club. More information will be coming for your children to participate in this valuable program.




Major League Baseball® and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) are proud to present the Major League Baseball S.T.A.R. Award program for Boys & Girls Clubs to use in recognizing Club members for their participation and achievement in sports, fitness and social recreation programming.
Through this award, Club members will be recognized for their ability to demonstrate the positive behaviors of Sportsmanship, Team spirit, Achievement and Responsibility. Whether on the baseball field, at the swimming pool, in the gamesroom or in the dance studio, it is these attributes that help Club members Succeed The MLB Way™!
Congratulations to our two Club Members who were nominated for this award by the Club!
Desiree Garcia
(Junior Staff)
Alix Rutledge

Service Awards were given to Josephina Viarrial and Frances Tenorio (CPR & First Aid)for their time and support given to our Club. Thanks You!!
Josephina Viarrial
Frances Tenorio

Each yearthe Pueblo of PojoaqueBoys & Girls Club presents College Scholarships to deserving area students. These are basedon their grades, along with their commitmentof performing community service projects throughoutthe year.
Congratulations to our 2007 scholarshipRecipients:
Joshua Gallegos
Espanola Valley High School
Alegra Roybal
Pojoaque High School
Sabrina Garcia
Pojoaque High School

2007 BGCA National Conference
Club Member, Candace Vargas performed at the Conference Dinner on 5/19/07. She did an excellent job! Candace also had the opportunity to go to Disney World. This was a great experience for Candace. Special thanks to Boys & Girls Clubs of America for giving her this great opportunity.
Congratulations to Staff/Club member Alegra Roybal!
She participated in the Young Women's Writing Contest ( Ages 16-18)
She received 2nd pace! She was awarded a certificate and $750.00!
2007 Easter egg Hunt!

The Easter egg hunt was at the Towa Golf Resort. It started at 11:00 am on Saturday morning. This event was for ages 4-12. There were many kids and great prizes! Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone that helped to make this event possible.


The Stardancers had their end of the season part on April 15, 2007. Each Stardancers received trophy, charm bracelet and a team photo. Good Job Stardancers! They had a fun and exciting season!

Today, was our last Southwest Festival, which was Graphic Design. Daniel Moya -Poeh Arts Center judged our local festival. Sarah Weisburg- Santa Fe Sports & Images, Windsong Tapia- Poeh Arts Center & David Del Mauro- Santa Fe New Mexican were our Southwest judges. We want to thank these judges for participating in this event and donating their timeand talent to our Boys & Girls Club
Good Job Ashley!
Ashley received a plaque and a $75.00 Gift card to Best Buy from Boys & Girls Clubs of America for winning Regionally for Photo Illustration.
Special Thanks to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
2007 Digital Arts Festival:Southwest Movie Making Judging

Today, February 15, 2006, three judges; Jean Constant, David Oakaley, Christopher Wright came to meet at the Club to decide upon each winner in the age groups (12-13, 14- 18). This is the 3rdfestival we have done this year, the next is Web design, then graphic Design.

Candace Vargas performed at last nights 2007 New Mexico Youth of the Year!
She did an excellent job! We are very proud of her, she has alot of talent.
The 2007 Youth of the Year Banquet was held at Towa Golf Resort at 7:00 pm on Friday, January 19, 2007. The participants for this years Junior Youth of the Year were Gary Johnson, Desiree Garcia, Chenoah Ortiz, Marcos Castellano and Carlos Castellano. Each Participant prepared a speech to speak that night, they all did a great job.
Gary Johnson was selected our 2007 junior youth pf the Year. He recieved Junior Staff at the Club, A laptop computer ( donated by Stewart Santa Fe) and $250.00! Desiree Garcia was selected as runner up and also recieved a laptop.

Congratulations Gary!!

Go Stardancers!
Stardancers' coaches
Sabrina & Michelle


2006StardancersRaffle Ticket Winners!

1stDavid Perez

– B&G Club Summer Program Registration value $600.00

2ndBernie Jacquez

- Pojoaque Wellness Center Year Membership value $470.00

3rdDerek Vigil

- Factory Fireworks Gift Certificate value $250.00

4thKatelin Lujan

- 11/14 Exotic Custom Wood frame (donated by Woods of Oz) value $250.00

5thElias Lopez

- Afghan (Handmade by Gloria Trujillo) value $ 150.00

6thErmiwia Ortiz

- One Night Stay @ Homewood Suites in Pojoaque value $150.00

7thJ. Trainer

-Audiovox Stereo System value $150.00

8thPaul Watson

- One Night Stay @ Cities of Gold Hotel value $109.00

9thMelissa Martinez

- One Round Golf @ Towa Golf Resort value $68.00

10thMelissa Talachy

- Native American pottery (donated by PVS) value $50.00

11thMindy Little Yellow Bird

- Haircut/Style @ Casa de Oz Hair Studio value $45.00

12thEric Ulibarrl

- Dinner for Two @ Gold Dust Restaurant value $ 30.00